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Post by Lioth on Thu Sep 24, 2015 5:06 am

For the last year and a couple of months, the forum has been dead as seen by the noticeable lack of daily posts and discussions. I want to take notice that I have not completely disregarded the forum but had little time to do so especially without enough support and shall now attempt to maintain the order while the Facebook group Empire of Scorpionidae is still apparent or the whole site will be such a waste, which is not what I've initially intended.

In the mean-time if you have basic knowledge regarding scorpions and invertebrates, please don't hesitate to reply in this thread or PM my profile to apply for Forum Moderator position as it may keep the community running again.

A common misconception refers that this forum was created in focus of strictly one (1) scorpion species but this is not the actual case. The title of the site is simply entitled to that of P. imperator which is only dedicated to it. Aside from that, thank you very much for taking the time to visit this old site and reading this thread.

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