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How To Breed Scorpions Empty How To Breed Scorpions

Post by Lioth on Tue Feb 26, 2013 12:45 am

A pair of Indian giant forest scorpion mating
How To Breed Scorpions 200px-Indian_giant_forest_scorpion_mating

Pandinus and Heterometrus are two fairly easy genera of scorpions to breed in captivity and wild caught females are often gravid. Other genera may not be so easy, as providing ideal habitats can prove difficult in captivity, especially as some species like to borrow up to 1m deep in the wild. Prepare a habitat able to house two scorpions for at least 1 week, providing a flat surface for your scorpions' courtship. This can be a rock, slate tile or broken crockery. Introduce the male and female scorpion in the enclosure and allow them to settle. It may take some time however mating will occur when the male and female scorpion are both ready; a courtship dance will take place between the mating pair before the male scorpion locks his chelae with the female scorpion's chelae and leads the female with rhythmic manoeuvres. It may seem as if the scorpions are fighting; mating involves them grasping each other’s pincers and moving back and forth.

Scorpion spermatophore
How To Breed Scorpions 150px-Indian_giant_forest_scorpion_spermatophore
Scorpion mating dance
During the mating dance the male scorpion will deposit his spermatophore on the provided flat surface. He will then manoeuvre the female scorpion over it so she can take it into her genital opening. Once you have noticed that the female has grown larger due to pregnancy is a good idea to remove the male scorpion and place him into another enclosure. Keeping your pregnant female scorpion in her own, adequately maintained tank ensures minimal disturbance during pregnancy and birthing. Stress can severely upset scorpion pregnancies and can even result in cannibalism when the offspring are born.

Scorpion birthing
Birth takes place after around 9 months for most scorpions; however this can be affected by several factors such as species, temperature and feeding. It is important to be patient and not stress out the female scorpion during this period but to keep a look out for birthing. Newly birthed, scorpions are almost colourless and will quickly climb onto their mothers' back. Often the female will not feed until the young have moulted into 2nd instar. It will take about a week or two, depending on temperature for the 1st instar to moult. At this time it is most important to maintain the humidity, through misting and keeping the substrate moist.

Indian giant forest scorplings
How To Breed Scorpions 175px-Indian_giant_forest_scorpion_birth

Once the scorplings moult into 2nd instar and leave the mother’s back you can separate the babies from the adults, creating a similar habitat for them as for the adults. Raising the young in the adult tank may deal no problems however it is still possible that they will be cannibalised by the larger scorpions.
After the young have moved on, the mother scorpion will start to feed again so begin to offer her plenty of food in order to replenish herself and regain lost weight.

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How To Breed Scorpions Empty Re: How To Breed Scorpions

Post by mr.kudos on Tue Apr 09, 2013 2:00 pm

Is Indian giant forest scorpion Heterometrus longimanus? Though they look like they're violet.

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