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Post by Lioth on Mon Feb 25, 2013 1:36 pm

Are you looking for the Scorpion FAQ?

Q: Are Emperor Scorpions the largest species of scorpions in the world?

A: No, but they are one of the largest. The largest living scorpion is a species from Sri Lanka, Heterometrus swammerdami, at upwards of 20cm (7.8 inch) and 32 grams (1.12 ounce).

Q: Are Emperor Scorpions dangerous and deadly?

A: No, their venom are similar to that of a bee venom; however, there is a chance that a person is allergic to the venom, which would not turn out pretty.

Q: Do Emperor Scorpions drink water?

A: Yes, a lot. So make sure they are always available everyday.

Q: My Emperor Scorpion is eating itself?

A: It's simply cleaning itself, don't worry.

Q: My Emperor Scorpion has been refusing food for about a week or more, why?

A: Don’t worry, they can stop eating for months at a time. If you’re really worried, you can place a cricket in and take it out the next day if it’s not eaten. You’ll know if they’re ready to molt when they get really fat and stop eating. However, they stop molting when they reach adulthood. You can tell they are adults mainly by the color of their stinger. It gets a brownish/reddish color. If it’s really fat already, you don’t need to try to feed it anymore if it keeps refusing food. Or it could be thirsty. If you can't keep your scorpion hydrated, it will not eat. Possibly your scorpion is not able to catch the crickets? If you are feeding it with a pinky mouse, maybe the scorpion didn't recognize it as a food item. I would try feeding it with dubia roaches or superworms. When crickets fail, I recommend you to use superworms. The scorpion will usually eat them if you gently press it against its mandibles. You could try this with any food item. Emperor Scorpions can live a while without food. Just make sure it stays hydrated.

Q: My Emperor Scorpion hasn't been going outside its burrow, is there any problem?

A: Most likely no. It's probably happy.

Q: Do Emperor Scorpions take baths?

A: Yes they do sometimes and I've experienced it a lot, but keep in mind not to make the water dish too deep.

Q: Is it okay to handle my Emperor Scorpion?

A: It's yours and it depends on you, but personally I recommend you not to because it would stress them out and you or somebody else might get pinched/stung.

Q: Is it safe to use tongs to pick them up in the tail?

A: Hmm, I'm not quite sure. I have heard that it would actually hurt them that's why they get so pissed, so I would just use something softer.

Q: What substrate should I use?

A: Eco-earth, moist soil, coir, etc.

Q: My Emperor Scorpion's tail is awfully low, do you have any idea why?

A: Have you been keeping it for a long time? I've seen some videos of bearded dragons eating an Emperor Scorpion, and the scorpion was dragging its tail to the ground because it was dying. I'm sorry but the answer is most likely because your Emperor Scorpion is dying.

Q: What's this white thing in my Emperor Scorpion's enclosure?!

A: Most likely scorpion waste. But you can't be so sure, it could be a piece of a tissue paper. lol!

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